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Find out how the two cutting edge technologies complement each other!

Statistics suggest that a whopping 64 billion IoT devices can be speculated by 2025. When we talk about the latest technologies shaping the IT industry, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are often top the list. No wonder…

A brief review of why this combination rules out all other pairs of headless content management systems and static-web app generators.

10 Most Popular Javascript Frameworks to learn in 2020

Javascript is considered to be the most dynamic language in the IT industry considering the current trends. Javascript has a solution to every problem. You name it and there’s a ‘framework’ for everything you can think of. But, keeping in mind…

Gone are the days when possession of mobile was confined only to the so-called elite and financially competent segment of the society. But, the scenario has drastically changed with technological advancements over the past decade.

Today, everyone has a smartphone. Right from teenage students to the old age people, everyone…

Amazon Web Services(AWS),the cloud arm of Amazon is indistinguishably the largest and most popular Cloud Service Provider in the Cloud market!

Cloud computing with AWS

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive & broadly adopted cloud platform. It offers nearly 165 fully featured services, and all these services have even a lot more number of…

A brief intro and its need!

“If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell them that, simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business”

Marc Benioff, CEO of

Agreeing with what CEO of…

Virtualization refers to the creation of a virtual resources such as a server, desktop, operating system, file, storage or network.


Virtualization = Virtual + Realization . In other words, virtualization means to realize something virtually. A simple definition of virtualization is the formation of virtual computer inside the real computer. It is an abstraction layer above the hardware layer.It is hardware reducing ,memory saving and cost&energy saving technology that is…

Before diving into the concepts of cloud computing, let us first understand the client-server architecture which lays the foundation for cloud development and implementation.

Client-Server Architecture

Client server architecture/model is a distributed application structure (practical application of distributed system architecture), that divides/partitions the tasks/workload between the providers of service/resource i.e, Server and…

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